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Own Your Business AND Your Life!

Hi, I’m Pierce Marrs. I’m a Sales, Business and Life Coach with thirty plus years of professional sales experience and over $250 million in sales.

I help salespeople and entrepreneurs understand their personal selling style, develop strong communication skills and create a relationship sales process to generate more sales and make more money.

My passion is to help people own their business AND their life, so it doesn’t own them!

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“I create custom strategies so entrepreneurs and sales professionals can own their business AND their life.”

– Pierce Marrs

Own Your Game Business Coaching

Own Your Game Business Coaching is designed for entrepreneurs who need a custom strategy to examine where they are now and answer the question, “Where do I want to go?”  Please contact me to learn more about business coaching.

Own Your Game Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching: Own Your Game Sales Coaching is designed for salespeople and entrepreneurs who want to maximize their sales potential by developing a custom sales strategy.  If you or your organization are considering hiring a Sales Coach, please contact me to learn more about sales coaching.  CLICK HERE to complete a brief Pre-work to help me serve you better.

Own Your Game Life Coaching

Life Coaching: Own Your Game Life Coaching is designed to help individuals understand their own natural skills and abilities, unique personality traits and dreams and passions in order to pursue a fulfilled life.

If you are considering hiring a Life Coach, please contact me for a complimentary consultation.






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One of the Most Important Secrets of Salesmanship

August 7, 2018|Comments Off on One of the Most Important Secrets of Salesmanship

"The Sales Moment; Issue #260" To Download Right Click and Select "Save As" I believe one of the greatest mistakes salespeople make is to assume we know the other person wants or needs. [...]



“I have seen the eternal value of having high capacity leaders in one’s life, for they have amazing abilities to keep your momentum moving in positive directions. Pierce Marrs is a man in my inner-most circle. He has been more than a friend, he’s been a great guide that has played a major role in my personal and professional journey. So much of what I do is geared toward creative projects that involve everything from writing, to speaking, to video production. As a result, I can easily overload my life with projects and engagements that, while all fun and noble pursuits, can cloud my perspective and stifle creativity because I tend to lose focus. Pierce has been an absolute God-send in helping me fully understand my personality, how God has hard-wired my thought processes, and then how to use that knowledge to maximize potential. Pierce is a student of human nature and of leadership trends. He is very well read, and stays current in business and technology, and he knows how to cross-connect those worlds in ways that are customized to your individual situation. While his talent is evident, it’s his character that means the most to me. He’s a man of integrity to the deepest level of his DNA, and that’s why I fully trust him.”

Dr. Jason Cruise

When I met Pierce, I was running a business, but I was running it with no real clear direction or idea about where I wanted to be one year from now, let alone five years from now. I was so busy working in the business that I could never work on the business. Pierce helped me define my goals, project future sales, lay out a clear direction for growth, outsource tasks others could more easily do and get my books in order. I am in the early stages of selling my business, and it is definitely worth a lot more now that Pierce got me on the right track! I am so thankful that our paths crossed, as I have learned so much from him. He was genuinely interested in seeing me succeed, and he helped me tremendously work towards that goal! I can say with confidence that I became a better business owner thanks to Pierce, and I truly enjoyed working with him every step of the way!

Jody Norcio, Owner and CEO of Ecodiva