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January 2014

"Shark Tank Fan Podcast: Season Five, Episode Eleven"

By | January 11, 2014|Shark Tank Fan Podcast, Uncategorized|

"Shark Tank Fan Podcast: Season Five, Episode Eleven" Pierce Marrs and Steve Hayes are back to for the Season Five, Episode Ten. Join  Daymond, Barbara, Kevin, Robert and Mark to review  "Spirithood", "Virtuix Omni", "Bubba Q's Boneless Ribs" and "Fohawx". Tune in Friday's at 9:00 PM Eastern/8:00 PM Central at The Shark Tank's new time [...]

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December 2012

“Mr. Scrooge, George Bailey and the End of the World”

By | December 21, 2012|"The Sales Moment" Newsletter, Sales Moment Podcast, Uncategorized|

"The Sales Moment; Issue #136" To Download Right Click and Select "Save As If you are reading this, the world has not ended...yet. Ebenezer Scrooge and George Bailey faced pivotal moments in their lives during Christmas. Scrooge, a miserable self-absorbed man with all of the wealth he could accumulate. George, a miserable man [...]

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