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A Little Communication…Please!

/A Little Communication…Please!

A Little Communication…Please!

“The Sales Moment; Issue #252”

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Everywhere you look, people are staring at their devices and “communicating”.

Are they really?

Real time information and the ability to stay constantly connected may be available to anyone these days but is communication improving? I don’t think so. Not when it counts.

I could cite multiple examples over the past few weeks where various individuals and companies left me completely in the dark for days and weeks at a time. This is not to say I am so important that I demand their attention. In several of these cases I required vital information to report back to a customer.

These experiences reminded me of how important it is to stay in touch with someone whether you have new information or not.

Some people think, “no news is good news”, but when you are working to build a long-term relationship you should stay in touch even if you do not have new information.

Instead of leaving them in limbo causing them to wonder if you have forgotten about them, send a brief email or voice message to let them know you are working on it.

Also, if someone contacts you, get back to him or her in a timely manner. Don’t wait until you have all the answers. As a courtesy, acknowledge their request and give them a timeline on when you will get back to them and keep your promise.

Recently, I had a salesperson tell me he lost an order from one of his best customers because he did not get back to them in a timely manner. This is unfortunate since it could have been avoided with a timely response. No response at all is sure way to lose trust and credibility.

I am not saying that everyone is reasonable in their expectations but it is in your best interest to find out what those expectations are and adhere to them if you want to build strong, long lasting relationships.

Own your responsibility in the communication process and you will set yourself apart and win.

Own Your Game!

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