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“Own Your Game: Taking Personal Responsibility”

/“Own Your Game: Taking Personal Responsibility”

“Own Your Game: Taking Personal Responsibility”

“The Sales Moment; Issue #250”

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“Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment, and learn again to exercise his will – his personal responsibility.” ~ Albert Einstein

Making excuses and blaming other people and circumstances is a waste of time. The first step in moving forward is to own it. We must take full responsibility for our choices in our personal and business life.

It might be easy to blame our upbringing and lack of education as justification of our lot in life but I could generate an exhaustive list of people, including myself, who beat the odds and created a great life for themselves.

Ray Edwards cited a great example on his podcast recently. He told the story of a new restaurant that opened close to him that served delicious food. Unfortunately, the service was slow and the wait staff was not friendly and seemed to be indifferent to the customers. Ray made his concerns known to management because he wanted to help them and see them succeed. They ignored his advice.

A few months later, Ray drove by the restaurant and read a sign that stated, “Closed due to bad economy.”

Not taking responsibility may be less demanding, less painful and certainly more comfortable. But there is always a price to pay. When you don’t take personal responsibility for your life, you give away your power.

“I accept responsibility for my past. I control my thoughts. I control my emotions. I am responsible for my success. The buck stops here.” ~ Excerpt from The Traveler’s Gift Journal by Andy Andrews

These words remind me that my success and future rest firmly on my shoulders. It’s starts with changing the way I think.

Starting owning your game today.


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