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If You’re Not Growing You’re Dying

/If You’re Not Growing You’re Dying

If You’re Not Growing You’re Dying

“The Sales Moment; Issue #247”

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William S. Burroughs is credited with the quote, “When you stop growing you start dying.”Green plant in a child hands
Lou Holtz said. “In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying, so get in motion and grow.”

There is no status quo. You are either moving forward or losing ground. Have you seen evidence of this in yourself and other people you have come in contact?

When I was thirty years old I went to work as Vice President of Sales for an eighty-year-old gentleman who owned a thriving company and had achieved a high degree of success. Shortly after getting to know him and his wife I couldn’t help but notice how vibrant and mentally sharp they were at their age.

As I spent time with them I quickly learned that they were in a constant state of growing and learning. He woke up early everyday and stayed actively involved in all aspects of his company while his wife was in a continuous state of learning achieving various degrees well into her sixties and seventies.

On the contrary, the results of choosing a path with no growth can allow the mind and body to deteriorate making one seem older than their years.

Seth Godin wrote in a recent blog, What have we become? (And what are we becoming?), “We are always becoming, and we can always make the choice to start becoming something else, if we care.”

Staying physically and mentally active and in a continuous state of learning makes you healthier, happier, more interesting and more valuable.

You can start today.

Have a great week!

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